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Full Service On-line Banking Available 

Our Internet Branch home banking and PayIt bill payment & presentment services are available as an enhancement to this website. This convenient full-featured service allows you to more easily manage your personal accounts at the time convenient to you. Click the "Home Banking" catagory heading in the left column of this article to learn more. 

Children's Miracle Network fund raising campaign  
The staff and officials of your United Arkansas FCU have joined with those of hundreds of other credit unions nationwide in the Credit Unions For Kids program. Through the Children's Miracle Network, our program raises money year-round for the benefit of the patients of Arkansas Childrens Hospital right here in Little Rock.

United Arkansas FCU conducts various activities throughout the year to raise the desperately needed funds for this very worthy cause. Fund raising activities to date have included the solicitation of donations from members in exchange for the member's name proudly displayed on a paper ballon in our lobby, the sale of World's Finest Chocolate products, and raffles for a television, gas grill, and WalMart/Sam's Club gift cards.

Children's Miracle Network

CMN is an international non-profit organization dedicated to helping children by raising funds and awareness for 170 children's hospitals throughout North America. Each year these non-profit hospitals treat more than 14 million children afflicted with diseases, injuries, and birth defects of every kind. The hallmark of CMN is that 100% of donations raised locally benefit the CMN hospital serving that area.

Credit Union's for Kids

This is the campaign under which credit unions from around the nation raise funds for Children's Miracle Network. Partnerships exist with 40 state leagues (including Arkansas), CUNA, other credit union trade organizations, chapters, credit unions, and business partners. You can learn more about Credit Unions for Kids by visiting here.

Arkansas Children's Hospital

This is the local hospital that receives 100% of the funds raised by United Arkansas FCU. Click here to learn more about the valuable service they provide to the children of Arkansas

Personal Identity Theft A Real Problem 
This used to be front page headlines but has now become a normal part of everyday life; until it happens to you. Somebody else obtains credit in your name, steals your check book, ATM & credit cards, or taps your on-line account. Victims of these types of crimes often spend countless hours over months plus hundreds of dollars to combat the subsequent adverse effects to their personal credit and reputation.

These situations don't affect most people and can generally be avoided by using some precautions and good common sense. Secure and protect your wallet or purse at all times which contain most of your sensitive personal information. Make your PIN's unique, secure records of them is a safe place, and don't share them with anyone. Check your credit report periodically to make sure unauthorized inquiries are not being made and unauthorized accounts haven't been opened. Don't give any personal or account information over the phone or internet to anybody or organization you aren't familiar with or already have an account with.

These are but a few ways to protect yourself these days. Use good common sense; if in doubt, don't share your personal information until you can verify the authenticity of the person, organization, and their need and intentions for your information. 

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