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ATM Locations

United Arkansas FCU ATM / Debit Cards are accepted at virtually all ATM machines and at most merchants accepting PIN based debit cards. Use your card at ATMs to make cash withdrawals, transfers, loan payments, and balance inquiries. Use your card at most merchants to pay for purchases and get cash back (where available).

Look for the PULSE, PULSEPAY, CREDIT UNION 24, PLUS, & CIRRUS network logos. For Credit Union 24 go to www.cu24.com/ATMLocator/

United Arkansas FCU ATMs are free to all members. Other ATMs may also be used free as an added benefit of Prime Member Financial Relationship (see Member Financial Relationship Program under Services link in left column for more information).


South Little Rock 
8405 Interstate 30 (near Geyer Springs Road)
Little Rock, Arkansas 72209

A well illuminated full-service drive-up ATM in the drive thru lanes on the South side of the facility that accepts deposits from card-holding members. This ATM normally dispenses $5, $10 & $20 bills. 

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (except when temporarily out of service or being serviced.) 

 For those who navigate by landmarks; the location of this machine is near Interstate 30 and Geyer Springs Road next to El Chico restaurant and in front of the Arkansas State Police headquarters.

Dassualt Falcon Jet employee cafateria 
10th & Leonard Avenue(Adams Field)
Little Rock, Arkansas

This full-featured cash dispenser ATM also does account balance inquiries and cross-account transfers. Currency dispensed includes $5, $20 & $50 bills. Deposits are not accepted by this machine.

Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week (except when temporarily out of service or being serviced) for employees with access to facility.

Other ATMs 

The use of an ATM other than those owned by United Arkansas FCU may incur a nominal fee charged to the card user's account. See Fee Schedule & Member Financial Relationship Program under the Services link in the left column for more details.

Deposits can be made by United Arkansas FCU members into their accounts at any Credit Union 24 network ATM nationwide (where available) free of charge.

NOTE: Most ATM's Surcharge all users that are not customers or account holders. Referred to as a "Convenience Fee", it is charged to the user at the time of the transaction and is added to the amount of the transaction and indicated on the displayed or printed reciept. Law requires the machine owner display a machine message or sign informing users of the additional fee before completing the transaction and allow the user to cancel if desired. ATMs displaying CREDIT UNION 24 "CU HERE" and PULSE "Select" logos should not surcharge United Arkansas FCU ATM card users.

Always exercise caution and awareness when approaching and using any ATM. The more light and traffic, the better.

Debit Card feature with cash back option 

Use your United Arkansas FCU ATM/Debit Card for purchases from participating merchants (displaying the logos of our networks including those on the back of your card) instead of writing a check and have the transaction amount immediately and electronically deducted from your credit union checking account FREE of charge. Most of these merchants will also provide you cash back up to a limit with a purchase transaction FREE of charge. It's like having a whole other set of free ATM machines to use.

Imagine conveniently getting the cash you need for the next few days during your regular weekly trips to the grocery store, gas station, or mass merchandiser without paying a surcharge or visiting your credit union, bank, or ATM. Simply swipe your card, enter your PIN, record the deduction in your checkbook register, and your done. 

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