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Do More And Get More With Us 
Our Member Financial Relationship Program more fairly balances what service benefits a member qualifies for based on the profitability of their individual relationship as measured by the extent of loan & deposit business they choose to maintain at the credit union. The more loans & deposits maintained, the greater discounts and/or premiums earned on those accounts and related financial services.

Those members in our “Prime Relationship” category now enjoy Dividend Premiums plus most other related services FREE. Those members in the “Preferred Relationship” category now enjoy many FREE related services with other services now discounted. Those members in the “Essential Relationship” category still enjoy a competitive list of FREE related services, but will incur a nominal $2 monthly Essential Relationship Fee and may incur an occasional nominal $2 Check Cashing Fee.

The objective for implementing our Member Relationship program is to attract, motivate, reward, & retain members who maintain or increase their overall relationship with our credit union to a higher more (mutually) cost-effective level. Our Member Relationship Program is unique among Central Arkansas credit unions, but is rapidly gaining popularity nationwide and considered the wave of the credit union future in the pursuit of fairness and equality across the credit union’s entire membership while remaining competitive.

Click on the Services catagory link in the left column of this page to learn more about the specific benefits available from out Member Financial Relationship Program.

Risk-Based Lending Program a big hit with members 
Our Risk-Based Lending Program permits the credit union to offer needed consumer loans to higher-risk credit applicants who typically have few if any reasonable credit options available while lower-risk credit applicants now qualify for more attractive and competitive consumer loan terms, rates, and loan limits.

First introduced in late 2003, this program allows the credit union to more quickly approve most credit applications recieved with customized loan underwriting. The enthusiasm of all the members benefiting from this new program has been rewarding and exciting.

Contact a United Arkansas FCU lending representative today to learn how you too can get excited about your new benefits available from this program. 

Use our ATM / Debit Card for purchases with cash back option
Use your United Arkansas FCU ATM/Debit or MasterCard Debit Card for purchases from participating merchants instead of writing a check and have the transaction amount immediately and electronically deducted from your credit union checking account FREE of charge. Most of these merchants will also provide you cash back up to a limit with a purchase transaction FREE of charge. It's like having a whole other set of free ATM machines to use.

Imagine conveniently getting the cash you need for the next few days during your regular weekly trips to the grocery store, gas station, or mass merchandiser without paying a surcharge or visiting your credit union, bank, or ATM. Simply swipe your card, enter your PIN, record the deduction in your checkbook register, and your done.

NOTE: The United Arkansas FCU ATM / Debit Card supports PIN based authorized use only for your maximum protection. Signature based authorization is also available with our MasterCard Debit card.

Our Internet Branch Home Banking service is FREE 
Our Internet Branch home banking and optional PayIt bill payment & presentment services are available for your convenience as an enhancement to this website. This convenient full-featured service allows you to more easily manage your personal accounts at the time convenient to you. Click the "Home Banking" link in the left column to learn more.

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