Fee Schedule

Effective July 1, 2018

Account Statements Fee

Cashier's Check


Money Orders


Check Cashing (under $100.00 in deposit balances) $5.00 or 5% whichever is greater
Statement of Account History Printouts $5.00 per statement
Photocopy of Draft $5.00 per item
Share Draft Stop Payment $35.00 per item

ACH Draft Stop Payment

$35.00 per item

Overdraft Protection Transfer

$5.00 per item

Courtesy Pay (NSF payment) $19.99 per item
Returned Deposit item $19.99
Dormant Account Fee (12 consecutive months of no activity) $5.00 per month
Excessive Withdrawal Fee Reg D (after 3rd withdrawl in a month) $5.00 per withdrawl

Foreign ATM Withdrawal

$1.50 per transaction

Foreign ATM Inquiry or Transfer

$.50 per transaction

ATM Card Replacement $5.00 per card
Debit Card (EMV) Replacement $10.00 per card
ATM/Debit Replacement PIN Mailer $5.00 per time
Invalid Address (returned mail) $5.00 per envelope

Reopened Account (if reopened within 6 months of closing)

$20.00 per account

Research/Statement Reconcilement

$20.00 per hour

Research thru BillPay $20.00 per item
ACH Origination Setup Fee $5.00
Outgoing Wire Transfer (domestic) $25.00 per wire
Club Account Premature Withdrawal $15.00 per withdrawal

Garnishments and Levies


Same Day ACH

$25.00 per item

IRA Withdrawal Fee* (*Fee is waived on transactions greater than $2,500.00) $35.00
Loan Late Fee (direct loan) $30.00
Loan Application Fee $25.00
Loan Refinance Fee (in-house loan) $35.00

Fax - For Members Only

$1.00 per page

Copy - For Members Only

$1.00 per page